Frequently Asked Question

Psychotherapy is a process where you discuss your issues with the therapist, and get feedback that allows you to look deeply into those issues.  Oftentimes, you will realize something that contributes to your issues that was not previously recognized, and be able to make changes accordingly.

The role of a therapist is to guide you towards self-realization of contributing factors to your issue.  The goal is to bring you to that awakening to how previous experiences contributed to your beliefs about yourself, and then be able to correct those beliefs and embrace a life where you are more in charge.

We accept several insurance plans to cover the cost of therapy.  Some do require that you call in and request prior authorization.  Our billing company bills the insurance company and, if there is a copay, will email a statement to you that you can pay online.  Please refer to the list of insurance plans we accept under ‘Insurance and Billing’ on this website.

Sessions are generally between 50 minutes to an hour.  

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